Carpet Flooring Product Information

Utah Design Center’s Basic Styles

Saxony Carpet: A velvet plush look with a luxurious feel. This flooring has a uniform twist and finish. Footprints and vacuum marks may be visible. Beautiful look for a master bedroom or formal living room.

Textured Carpet: Very popular cut pile carpet flooring that has alternating twists of yarn creating a two-tone appearance. This construction helps in hiding footprints and vacuum marks. Available in a broad price range and is great for all areas.

Frieze Carpet: Cut pile carpet flooring with a very high twist level. Great performance in high traffic areas and is available in various pile heights creating different looks.

Cable Carpet: Constructed of a thicker, typically longer yarn. This flooring is beautiful and comfortable underfoot, yet it may matte or crush in high traffic areas. Nice for a bedroom or living room.

Cut & Loop Carpet: Combination of cut and looped yarns that create pattern effects by the variation in surface textures. Great for high traffic areas and a nice addition to any room.

Cut & Loop
Looped Carpet : A long lasting performer sometimes referred to as a “berber”. Durability is the result of not cutting the yarn tips. May be able to see seams. Great for family room. Comes in solid colors, berber fleck and patterns with varying levels of loops.


Textured Style

Cut and Loop Style



Quality Flooring Construction and Carpet Fiber

  • Thicker is not always better. Be sure to look at the construction of the carpet.
  • You want a tight twist in each yarn, not loose and frayed at the end.
  • You also want a firm, dense pile. To check a carpet’s density, bend a corner of the carpet and see how much of the backing shows. The more backing that shows, the less dense and durable the carpet.
  • Almost 75% of today’s carpet is made of nylon. Nylon is the leader in:
  • appearance retention
  • fade & heat resistance
  • soil & stain resistance
  • color & styling
  • Highest performing nylon is Type 6.6 which has a tighter molecular construction making the carpet more resistant to stain penetration.
  • Other fiber options are:
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Wool

Stain Protection and Warranties

As you go up in quality the stain protection and warranty levels increase. Be sure to ask your design consultant to explain to you what is included in the products you are considering. Many fiber manufacturers offer stain protection and warranties that will extend the life of your carpet.

Utah Design Center’s Carpet Color Tips

  • Once installed your carpet will appear lighter in color than the sample you saw in the design studio.
  • Lighter color carpet will visually expand a room, whereas darker colors bring the walls in and create a more intimate feeling.
  • Neutral colors are your best bet if you change your decorating schemes often or if you are trying to incorporate existing furniture. If reselling your home is in your near future, a neutral colored, good quality carpet is a solid investment.




The Value of Upgrading your Carpet Flooring with Utah Design Center

  • Larger selection of styles and colors
  • Extended warranty coverage
  • Greater pile density and tighter twist construction
  • Increases your resale value