• Choosing Carpet Cushion/Pad

    Choosing Carpet Pad



    Often forgotten and lacking in the credit it deserves, carpet pad adds comfort, durability, insulation and noise reduction. Some even have a moisture barrier, as well as antimicrobial features to protect against mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria.

    Did you know carpets that are placed without a carpet pad lose an average of 19 percent of their height over a period of time, while carpets placed on carpet pads lose only 5 to 10 percent? Not to mention the pad helps absorb furniture and footstep stress.

    But, how do you know which pad to choose? There are many factors to consider when choosing your pad. Type of carpet purchased, comfort level, insulation needs, and environmental concerns. There are so many carpet choices, it’s no wonder there are so many choices of pad as well.


    Carpet pad is made of different fibers. Here are some we offer at Utah Design Center:



    • Bonded/blended foam – recycled foam particles bonded together
    • Pure foam – condensed pure urethane foam

    Offers a luxurious feel, long-lasting durability and maximum comfort while insulating your home for better energy efficiency and a quieter environment.


    Synthetic Rubber

    • Offered in a range of thickness and performance

    Enhances the life of your carpet while providing a plush, pliable feel for support and comfort. Also provides insulation and is ideal for radiant-heated homes.


    Synthetic Fiber

    • Made up of recycled synthetic carpet fibers

    Enhances the feel of your carpet and provides durability.


    At Utah Design Center, we have experts available to answer any questions you have regarding your pad choices. Call us at 385-722-9096 for an appointment and see the wonderful selections we have to offer.


    Source: Ipurethane.com


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