• The Beauty of Engineered Wood Flooring


    Hearing the words “Hardwood flooring” when building or updating your home adds an instant spark of luxury. It’s not surprising considering the durability, beauty, and the increased value it will add to your home.

    Although there are different types of hardwood, one style seems to be increasing in its popularity.

    Engineered hardwood, named for the way it’s made, is real hardwood composed of several layers, or “plies”, stacked in a cross-grain construction. This method makes it more structurally sound and stronger than solid hardwood, making it more resistant to gaps, buckling, or bowing. With a great versatility of different installation techniques, It can also be installed to a wood sub-floor or directly to concrete, making it perfect for finished basements, kitchens, or any other room of the house (with the exception of bathrooms). This floor also uses half as many trees as solid wood floors; as well as faster growing, renewable wood for the inner plies.

    At Utah Design Center we have a large selection of Engineered Hardwood to fit your budget and style. Whether you’re looking for a trendy new living room, or a classic elegance in your kitchen, our professionals are here to help you with your decision. Give us a call for an appointment. 385-722-9096


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