• Why Choose Laminate Flooring?


    There is a reason laminate flooring is a popular choice with new home buyers and those upgrading their homes. With the elegance and natural look of wood without the maintenance, laminate is a beautiful choice for a number of reasons. Laminate is 5x more scratch resistant than wood, making it worry free for high-traffic areas, pets, or children. It also resists staining and fading. There aren’t any restrictions to where it can be installed including Bathrooms, kitchens, dens, living rooms, hallways. Plus, it’s affordable.
    What is laminate? Laminate flooring is a hard surface flooring with 4 layers: a wear layer (protection from stains and fading), a design layer (photographic image), inner core (for stability, durability, moisture resistance, and sound absorption), and backing (moisture barrier protects floor from warping). This layering is what makes it extremely durable.
    Laminate comes in a wide selection of textured and more natural looks, many plank sizes, and a high gloss or matte finish. There are so many to choose from it can seem overwhelming. Luckily we have experts at Utah Design Center ready to assist you with any questions you have, or design help you need. Give us a call.

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